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We are currently filing a lawsuit against McDonald's corporation in Europe for fraud and for violating the EU directive 2005/29/CE on unfair commercial practices. We are asking for the payment of what we should have won had the game not been rigged which amounts to over 16 million euros (FYI 542 stickers collected). You too can sue McDonald’s in your country, whether it's worth it or not will depend on how many stickers you got. You could opt for a class action lawsuit. You should at least file a fraud report with the authorities against McDonald’s corporation and make sure the public prosecutor investigate McDonald's criminal practices. Please remember that it's not because the fraud has taken place for years that it's legal. It is not! McDonald's Monopoly is a scam, a fraud! Let's just hope that the authorities will have the courage to admit that they have failed to see that McDonald's Monopoly is a fraud happening right underneath their eyes and let's hope that they will finally start questioning McDonald's illegal practices.

The McDonald's Monopoly scam

The biggest fraud in history

The "game" McDonald's Monopoly is a scam. McDonald's has rigged the game so that it would be impossible or almost impossible to complete a property set.

But by calling its promotion "Monopoly", McDonald's corporation deliberately misled consumers into thinking that each property is distributed equally as it is indeed always the case in the Monopoly board game in which the quantity of each property is the same.. McDonald's misled the consumers again when it advertised its fraud using game boards of the Monopoly clearly showing an equal proportion of each property set. Check our section about what the law says.

The Competition Bureau explains it clearly on its website that businesses should avoid fine print disclaimers since these often fail to change the general impression conveyed by an advertisement.. Furthermore, it's written: don't use illustrations that are different from the product being sold. But it is, however, exactly what McDonald's did with the purpose of misleading the consumers! The symbols are the same! The colors are the same! Even the property names are the same!

McDonald's hid deep within the rules, and therefore in a misleading way, that in reality you couldn't really win, that you only had 1 chance out of several millions, dozens of millions or even hundreds of millions to complete the property sets. It is therefore completely contradictive with the core of the advertising message that McDonald's wanted to instill to the consumers. Through millions of dollars spent in advertising, McDonald's wanted and succeeded to deceive and defraud the consumers.

The Competition Bureau also stipulates that no one actually needs to be deceived or misled for a court to find that an advertisement is misleading. Have people been deceived or misled? Yes! Lots of them! McDonald's CEO Steve Easterbrook has already admitted, in a teleconference call to Wall Street's investors, that the game did influence consumers' behavior by increasing the average check. In other words, because of the Monopoly, consumers end up spending more than they would otherwise. It's an undisputed fact which also appears in many financial statements. And we are not even talking about the many testimonies we've received from the victims of the McDonald's fraud. This game is a scam!

Furthermore, high level executives knew perfectly well that the game was illegal in many countries, they knew that the impression given to the consumers was misleading. They knew perfectly well!

Don't play to this "game" which is in fact a real scam! It really is a fraud! On top of this, McDonald's illegal methods badly hurt fair competition among businesses. When McDonald's attract one consumer because of its unethical and illegal methods, it's one less consumer for competing restaurants. Many restaurants do their work fairly and ethically, McDonald's doesn't. Why should the restaurants which run their business ethically and legally be penalized by McDonald's illegal tactics? The competition is distorted by McDonald's criminal practices.

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